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Jordan-Morgan Lansdowne


You might find that a definitive artist could be hard to find in an ocean of carbon-copied musical swarm, over saturated with glitz and glamour, driving the listener to focus deeply on the utmost punctual proverbial outrage consisting in today’s media. It has come to the attention of thousands that if an artist isn’t accepting approval in magazines, blogs or radio waves, then there could be no chance at success. If this were true, millions of artists would not have been, or still be discovered.

In this case, Jordan-Morgan Lansdowne, an American Singer/Songwriter hailing from Hot Springs, Arkansas showcases a platinum craft in the independent underground.

Exceeding expectations, Jordan has been honing his craft for 12 years with some exceptions of playing under various monikers that have reached the attention of radio and record industry folk alike, including a studio collaboration which landed on MTV’s The Real World. Garnering attention from No Depression magazine readers to being noted as “Americana’s New, Cool Younger Brother” in 2011, Jordan was touring and recording under the name Parker Roads with Sony Music Entertainment affiliate label, A-Reaction Music Group and had experienced an uplifting swoop of clear-channel radio play, extensive touring (150 shows in 2011), to magazine, radio, and television interviews.

In December of 2011, Jordan wanted to test the waters and his faith by announcing his real name and his musical career endeavors. Jordan’s new calling had been pursued and had been proven by signing with a bigger Sony Music affiliate, 7 Spin Music. The goal was to start a band using a new name called, Embers Of Brave, which was immediately reported on magazine websites such as HM Magazine and Indie Vision Music. The group had scheduled a promotional tour which landed dates in Arkansas and Oklahoma. Shortly after the tour began, the members of the group had disbanded and Jordan finished the dates performing solo acoustic. With much demand and urgency, Embers Of Brave was set to record with producer Daniel Webb and had recorded its album in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Shortly after the recording, Jordan received heart-breaking news that his Grandfather passed away.

Showing a quick response to this news, it was decided that Jordan was to return as a solo artist, setting out to write and record a record under his name and dissolving any attachments to the previous name. This decision almost became noticed as unstable and nearly ended his affiliation with 7 Spin Music but given the heartfelt circumstance, Jordan was able to renegotiate his contract and continue with a release with his label. Jordan had stated in online posts that he wasn’t dropping the Embers Of Brave name completely but that he also had no intentions or plans at pursuing the project until further notice.

“I feel I’m on the right path,” Jordan states, “There is no band right now so why carry on with a band name? — Good things are on the rise and I’ve got to continue doing what I’m doing. This is a time of reflection for me, a time to be myself. I take this as a way to start over and (take) a new approach to doing things the way they should have been the whole time. I don’t want to confuse myself or anyone else. I need to focus on this right now.”

As an up-and-coming independent musician, Jordan has encountered his fair share of obstacles and resistance through countless phone calls, emails, touring, tragedy, to being stranded in the middle of nowhere in hundred-degree-weather. Despite the setbacks, Jordan has never lost his passion for music.

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