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Hello Kelly


Hello Kelly is making so much noise with their hyper-charged show and supersonic sound that it's hard to ignore this little band that could. But why would you want to do that?

To put it simply, Hello Kelly is a pop-rock band. Whether they're blasting through an upbeat riff-rock power tune, or moving gently through one of their stirring ballads, this band will put a smile on your face and keep it there. From the vibrant and colourful guitar-work, to the tingling synth leads that never get old, these Canadian rockers have constructed a sound that is teeming with fresh melodies, creative arrangements and lyrical confidence.

It's been a long road for Hello Kelly since their humble beginnings in the summer of 2004, playing for pizza and a place to stay. Often dubbed "the hardest working band in Ontario", Hello Kelly had soon shared the stage with Christian music favourites Thousand Foot Krutch, Starfield, Superchick and Hawk Nelson and seen success with three #1 CHR singles on Canadian Christian radio. Now, having signed with 7 Spin Music, Hello Kelly is gearing up to melt faces everywhere with their first full-length release, titled "Hello Kelly", produced by new comer Adam Smith. Lead vocalist and songwriter Francy explains, "We really wanted to go the self-titled route because there was no better name than ‘Hello Kelly’ for a record full of songs written to encourage, empower and challenge Kelly." So wait ... Who's Kelly?

Kelly is the reason Hello Kelly is on the road. Kelly is anybody who listens.
Kelly is that listener who doesn't know who he is. Hello Kelly exists to encourage Kelly to build his own dreams.
Kelly is that listener who doesn't know what she believes. Hello Kelly exists to challenge Kelly to define her own beliefs.

"Lots of the kids we play for are hardened and hurting, so we make an effort to fuel our songwriting with our own experiences in relationships, pain and faith. We find that the best way to make a positive impact is to be honest." That candid honesty will practically jump out of the headphones as you listen to songs like "10 Good Reasons", a pop-rock party about discovering the depth of God's love; or "Disappearing", the wrenching ballad about feeling completely invisible. Then there's the electro-drenched "No Time for Tears", a painful cry about enduring your parents' divorce; and the 80's tinged "My Girlfriend", which takes a tongue-in-cheek look at relationships.

"We are really excited about the variety in these songs," Francy says, who shares the stage night after night with bass player James Watts, drummer Josh McCabe, and synth-wizard Mat Lean. "There is definitely something for everybody in this record."

There's a reason these guys still love running their own merch table and there's a reason these guys are usually the last ones out of the venue. There's even a reason these guys still find themselves sleeping in their van and eating peanut butter sandwiches some nights. It's all for Kelly.

Hello Kelly: Rock and roll has a first name.

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