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Francy & The First Time Feeling
Genre Rock


Francy is a happily-independent songwriter & recording artist, a transplant from Toronto, ON to Nashville, TN since 2010. He cut his teeth in the post-emo & pop-punk scene of Southern Ontario circa 2004, writing for and fronting a band called Hello Kelly. In the band’s 9 year run, he released seven albums, toured like crazy across the continent, and fulfilled a recording & publishing deal for an indie label under Sony-BMG.

Hello Kelly pushed five singles to #1 on Canadian “Christian Hits Radio” and Francy will show you the quarterly royalty check for $125 to prove it. Hello Kelly opted to close up shop at the end of 2012, and the frontman launched an independent solo career as Francy, along with a full-length rock release featuring his band of hired guns, The First-Time Feeling.

The self-titled project, produced in Nashville, TN by Brandon Perdue and Kevin Bruchert, is relentless and quirky, boasting songs that feel classic and lived-in, elegant arrangements, and lyrics so soaked with heart you’re left both charmed and affected. Weaving together pulsing themes of disillusionment, nostalgia and unrest, this collection captures the consciousness of today while evoking that classic rock feeling from decades past.

Featured are the concussive performances of drummer Benjamin Mahaffey along with the ear-turning lead guitar work of Travis Wilbourn. Bass work is provided by Kevin Bruchert, Kevin de Souza and Francy, who also fills the band out on rhythm guitars. Everything was arranged with the live performance in mind – a mentality lost to many of today’s music-makers. The live show is disarming, with Francy opting to lead the audience through a progression of moments rather than simply feeding them song after song.

Known to Francy’s fans is his stutter. In 2012, he was presented the “Converting Awareness into Action” award by the Stuttering Foundation of America. Francy is acting as an advocate both for those who stutter and any who feel they don’t have a voice.

When not touring or making noise with The First-Time Feeling, Francy is developing the independent singer/songwriter side of his work, making plans release acoustic & novelty EPs and pursue collaborations with artists as quirky and adventurous as himself. His work as a writer is also featured at Wherever the future takes Francy, he’ll be there with sure feet, open eyes, and a weird little song to sing.

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Francy & The First Time Feeling
Francy & The First Time Feeling
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Released 2013
Format CD
Label 7 Spin Music
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